Microlocation Information

Rakovica belongs to the Sarajevo’s municipality of Ilidža. The municipality is named after the old Turkish word "iladž" which means cure or what gives man health. An abundance of medicinal baths, clean air and the spring of the Bosna river are only the some Ilidža’s richness. Therefore, since its establishment Ilidža was the place where the people of Sarajevo went to the spend their free time in nature, and those more wealthy had mansions where they stayed the whole summer. Some of them have been preserved to this day and can be found near the springs of the river Bosna.
The village of Rakovica is located 10 km south of Sarajevo and has always been a popular place for building weekend cottages for many Sarajevans. Natural environment, nearness to the city and the main road makes this location attractive for permanent home or temporary residence.
At this location, we have prepared 13 plots for the construction with the administrative documentation and already built access road.
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